Ise Lyfe & Tilman Smith

Ise Lyfe, hip hop and spoken word artist and Tilman Smith, teacher, activist both reveal how our educational system fails to serve everyone equally in Section Three “External Relationships.”

Aeeshah Clottey

Aeeshah Clottey, Co-Founder of Attitudinal Healing Connection Inc., describes an uncomfortable situation that made her feel like “speaking was not the right thing to do,” featured in Section Three “External Relationships”

Tim Wise

Tim Wise, anti-racist activist, essayist and author, describes how unconscious bias still persists even in the “age of Obama,” featured in Section Two “Internal Components”

Connie Heller

Connie Heller, donor and activist with the Linked Fate for Justice describes her firsthand experience with personal bias, featured in Section Two “Internal Components”

Hugh Vasquez

Hugh Vasquez, Senior Associate, National Equity Project speaks about Internalized Oppression, featured in Section Two “Internal Components”

Joy DeGruy

Dr. Joy DeGruy, author and professor, discusses interpersonal relationships, also featured in Section Two “Internal Components”